Tromso Skyrace

Tromso Skyrace. The wild.

Hamperokken Skyrace. 53 km. 4,600 meter ascent. V technical level.

Text: Maite Maiora | Photo: Kilian Jornet


NIQUE.  This is the Tromsø Skyrace tour. More specifically, the race known as Hamperokken Skyrace, and its wild crest five kilometers in length which makes it more than a race, it is a personal challenge.

DIFFICULTY. Walking along this ridge in the middle of the race makes us feel clumsy, slightly useless. Doubts creep in. Did the training work? The interval training, on track or uphill? The pace changes? All this for nothing.

SKILL. And ability. That’s what makes the difference between a ridge where there is no path. Just intuition.

DEMANDING. This ridge puts us in our place. It makes us forget we´re competing. The only goal is to find a path. Without making errors. Steady footing. There is no turning back. Just look forward. Keep going whilst the meters pass by. A game. A mark … to aim for. I jump over here, I support myself over there. Better not to think about falling into the void. The fog becomes your ally. But the abyss is still there. You cannot forget that. Eyes nailed on the next step.

TENSION. In your body. It’s a mistake. It shouldn’t be like this. How do I manage to relax in such a place? That’s the key. Skill and dexterity. Forget your fear.


Hands gripping cold rock.

Looking for the next goal.



Balancing over the abyss.

Invisible holes.



A misty horizon.

The rope is your lifeline.



Looking forward.

Fog as your ally.



The mountain in its greatest expression.

The wild.



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