Tor des Geants

Tor des Geants. 330 Km. | +24,000 M.

Text and images: Rubén Fueyo


ubén Fueyo has been linked to Kissthemountain since we launched this project in January 2016. His photographs have featured on our pages in a large number of issues. Little by little, we have gotten to know each other. So, when we talked about the possibility of including this article on Tor des Geants, we soon realized that this work has meant something particularly special for him.

Together with the photographs you are going to see, we received some others where the protagonist was the runner competing in his surroundings. They are spectacular; however, we are not going to show them in this article. The reason being? Tor des Geants is a special race. Very special. We believe the final classification, whilst important, is not everything. Here, all those who cross the finish line or even those who take the starting line at Courmayeur, are winners. We feel this adventure is not just a matter of speed or times, but rather of feelings, of suffering, of passion, of self-improvement, of respect, of joy, of fear, of doubts, of love… In short, a search for those limits that answer the eternal question of why we run in the mountains.

Thank you very much for letting us share this work.



Kilometers go by and the meters of cumulative elevation gain beat every cell of my being. I constantly ask myself what am I doing to my body, and in particular to my mind. Thoughts about the weight of my backpack, about the time I will run, about…




I try to find answers to absurd questions among millions of excuses that are no longer just mine. I’ve been listening to other beings for hours on end. Many times, I don´t even know if they are real or not.




I think about the consequences of early surrender. I can´t allow it. 15 degrees below zero makes me think it´s the ideal moment to put on my warm jacket. It´s difficult to breathe as I climb this mountain pass above 3,000 meters. Am I able to take another step? And another one. Little by little, I overcome those absurd excuses. And new steps are made.




A waterfall full of motivations quenches each new movement of my legs. There have already been many today. And more still to come over the next few days. And at times, the sun comes out. I’m not sure if it´s just in my mind, in my aching body, or if the real heavenly body is what heats me up. The sun that invites me to savor sleep for a few moments then moves on.




I open my eyes. It’s 10:19am in Courmayeur one Sunday morning, in the Aosta Valley. In a minute the Tor des Geants will begin. We will see how far I am able to put those excuses aside. I smile. I can´t wait to be part of it.


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