Adam Ondra
Salewa. The Ridge
La Sportiva Heritage
Wilderness Areas / 16.02.2018

The beauty of these impressive massifs, full of cracks, towers and spires, stands out even more as they rise directly from dreamlike green valleys. The contrast between this greenery covered with forests and grasslands, and the numerous craggy rock walls and reliefs rising vertically, isolated from one another for hundreds of meters, gives the Dolomites its unique characteristics in the Alps...

Photography, Races, Trail Running / 15.02.2018

Much has been written about the climb up Sancti Spiritu to Aizkorri. The cheers of the crowd are something that those who´ve had the opportunity to partake in this race will never forget. The screams are so deafening that, when they end, and you face the ridge towards Aitxuri, the silence turns into a hum, similar to that which penetrates your ears after a loud concert...

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