Adam Ondra
Salewa. The Ridge
La Sportiva Heritage
Portraits, Trail Running / 22.02.2018

"He could have emulated the ill-fated Marco Pantani, Stelvio up or Mortirolo down. Perhaps he could have opted for a ski discipline in his native Bormio. In fact, it was in Nordic skiing that he debuted his first race at only six years old. A debut that burned in the memory of a tender Marco with bitterness, as he finished in last place in inconsolable tears that still bring remorse to the great de Gasperi today"...

Photography / 21.02.2018

"The image I have before me could have come from a war scene: destroyed buildings, mountains of rubble, and people who are unable to erase from their faces the reflection of what surrounds them. The image is plastic, even aesthetic, however it is the representation of horror, darkness and death. The problem is that this is real"...

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